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How to Begin Investing in Real Estate

Your biggest decision is whether to buy shares or opt for direct ownership or a simple based ROI.

Buying shares in a real Estate Investment Trust. You can invest in a (REIT) Real Estate Investment Trust, which is different from owning real estate directly.

There are three layers of value – the real estate itself, the management and cash flow that supports the trust, and the fund based on the trust. It’s a very different vehicle than buying real estate, but most of us can’t just go out and buy one percent of a skyscraper.

Adding an REIT to your portfolio can complement stock and bond funds, but you must be sure you understand how the real estate fund is designed and how its managers will likely extract value from the holdings. You can buy shares of REITs and real estate-based funds, but the performance of the funds is based on both cash flow and gains from occasionally selling properties – a very different scenario from the typical performance drivers of stock and bond funds. 

Direct ownership. Creates passive income. Produces positive cash flow and has no hidden defects. There are no commissions or carried interest, and we use very modest leverage, typically less than two to one. Direct ownership of real estate offers many real advantages. Clients typically enjoy the pride of ownership that comes from their direct involvement in something they can see and touch. Retirement usually works best with this strategy. We will show you how.

Or opt in on an (ROI) Return on investment, is the ratio between the net profit and cost of investment resulting from an investment of some resources. In this case Real Estate, and a few other options only Homes Across the Globe has to offer you. Just ask about your options to Opt in for an ROI. A high ROI means the investments gain compares favorably to its cost. This strategy will also set you for good retirement without direct ownership.

Think Interest

With the interest rates that are only going up, makes it impossible to retire. Forbid if to ever borrow or even had a repossession in the past. Your money only gains 1% interest per year with your typical banks. As if you never had to take money out for an expensive bill. Like medical, dental, or maybe even needing a new car, ect.

Investing with H.A.G. 

Earn 6-12% back on every investment. Premier Winston Salem, NC and surrounding ares. Real Estate Investment Company. Purchase Investment Property from us at 20-60% of market. We will walk you through step by step. We build wealth through investing. Contact us direct today for special pricing.

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"Invest Smart with a company you can trust"

Building Wealth Through Investing

Enough time has already passed. Lets not waist anymore time!


Building wealth through Investing

H.A.G. Investment Group Co.

"Earn interest for every investment"

"Invest Smart with a company you can trust"

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