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We welcome you as our new Investor. Once you have chosen your desired property, be sure to fill out the Investing Offer and book  an appointment after your offer is made to view the property in the Property Viewing location of the Appointment menu. Once you have done so our (CRM) Customer Relationship Manager will contact you shortly with confirmation.  A refundable/non Earnest option may be presented once confirmed to lock in your offer.

 offer. Note that some of these properties may be shared with other investors in our Investor Property location. As the description may have agreeable terms. Property may be added daily. Also note that some of the new homes may be investor friendly in which you may inquire about them. After choosing your desired properties make an offer! If you are a Wholesaler fill out the Contingent Form Contract 

Or if you are new to H.A.G. and want to become an H.A.G. Investor, fill out the Hot Buyer List at the bottom of this page.

Can't think outside the box of how to find your next property to buy, rent for, or rehab?

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H.A.G. has done all the thinking for you. With our very own proven step-by-step process. When you join our Hot Buyer List you'll get the best deal on your next home and gain instant access to our inventory of homes before anyone else, even Real Estate Agents! 

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