Pre-Debt Forgiveness Plan

"A program Taylor Made for all Homeowners"

Debt Relief – Too Good to be True?

Debt relief is something that may sound too good to be true, but it’s so enticing that most of us wouldn’t think twice about picking up the phone and speaking to a person who will promise to wipe our slate clean. Debt consolidation and relief companies are your proverbial Venus Fly Traps; beautiful on the outside, but they’ll devour you live if you warm up to them. With Homes Across the Globe, we’ll give you the truth behind debt relief companies and give you reasonable debt busting options that won’t leave you financially broke and emotionally frustrated. You can even sell your property back to us no matter what you owe.

A program 100% FREE to All Homeowners 

If you have an FHA or VA loan we can take over your Mortgage and get you out of debt. With only one payment of $350.00. No monthly payments. No hidden fees. No cost to you at closing.

H.A.G., FHA & VA Loans

A Legal Notice is put in play to give you time. Time to figure out how to fix your financial problem or cut ties to your problem. We cut the ties for you! A service that is 100% FREE for those with just about any type of  mortgage loan.

H.A.G., Legal Notice-scare tactic


Think about it! Loans no matter the type is designed to get you in debt. Just when you thought a Loan was to help you succeed, the sharks are cashing in at the Treasury window as soon as you miss one payment. Causing you to go into even more debt. They call the more debt, fines & fees.Together we can stop them!

H.A.G., Loan Purpose 

Want to know more about how debt-relief companies work? Here is some insight we found that will blow you away! Homes Across the Globe on the other hand eliminates your mortgage all in all. No paying anything back. The purpose of why we and only us offer the #PDFP. No more short term relief for a long term of pain. Get

rid of your mortgage debt today!



Here at H.A.G. we do not consolidate. We simply get rid of the problem. We pay off your mortgage company. We even have, for those who qualify, an assistance program to help you move. Ask about the "Move Me Program." (if you Qualify H.A.G. can help you get out of mortgage debt further!)


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