H.A.G. Property Management Services

H.A.G. Property Managment

H.A.G. Landlord Services

  1. one time $300.00 fee until unit is rented

  2. Management Fee 12% gross Monthly Rent

  3. $200.00 Reserve Fund (for authorized repairs)

Individual services has it's price listed

Rental Application

Screening is important, as it prevents from renting to the wrong tenant. We provide an online application to make it easier for your potential tenants to apply to rent your property. A thorough App is completed and filed for your history preview of all tenants. Include Background Check and get them both for $69.99 per month until unit is occupied. $49.99 +tax per month until unit is occupied

Background Check

We do an explicit background check for those who apply. We screen your tenants and get all the important information you need to know about your potential tenants. Life becomes easier with background check: SSN validation, address history, sex offender list, terrorist watchlist, national criminal search. We accept only the best tenants. $29.99 +tax per month until unit is occupied


We store all your important accounting in one place: rent, utilities, commissions and etc. Request financial and rental reports whenever you need them. We accept tenant rent, deposit, and first months payments online. Tenants may view all of their rental transactions and stay updated. $39.99 +tax per month

Maintenance Request

A visual request that allows your tenants to include exactly what they would like you as the landlord to repair as well as date and time of having things repaired. Which allows a scheduled time between you and the tenant. They may take a picture or video and send request from any device. $29.99 +tax per month


We provide with all information of your property, the marketing it takes to list your property, find the tenants, and create a property page to easily view to gain interest for any potential tenants. $89.99 +tax per month until unit is occupied.

Property Showing

 With your permission we may list and show your property to all potential tenants. Leaving you to leave all the worrying to us. Note: we are located in Winston Salem, NC as we will show properties up to 100 miles from our location. If property is requested to be viewed outside of our coverage area you will be notified the name of the viewers, time, and date of the viewing request. Or you will be required to pay a viewing fee of $30 per viewing up to 200 miles. $149.99 +tax including marketing per month/ $29.99 +tax per showing

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Purchase the $300 one time fee and any of these reports will be sent to you at your request free for the first year. Receive any of our services and pay only $12.99 +tax per report.


This report provides the expenses based on the property or a specific unit. It is available for accrual type accounting only. The report shows all paid expense invoices for all properties and units excluding liabilities (deposit, prepaid rent, pet deposit, etc.) This report can be search based on owner.



This report shows all leases based on property and searchable by owner. The report includes information on the lease start date, ending date, tenant’s name, unit and if a balance is owed.



This report shows the property accounting based on each unit. The income and expenses including payment to owner and management fees. 



This report shows the invoices of which have been marked “paid” for both income and expenses. The report includes records for all properties and units excluding liabilities categories (deposit, prepaid rent, pet deposit, etc.). The purpose of this report is to monitor cash-flow coming in and out of the rental property.



This report shows all tenants that have an active lease in each property. The report includes the tenant's name, deposits held, market rent and the balance owed.



Report that shows all income and expenses for a specific period of time in. This is a report designed to help a landlord file their taxes. The report will include all income as well as expenses, management fees paid, depreciation and interest expense over the set time period. Deposits, Prepaid rent and other liabilities will not be included.



This report shows a tenant’s accounting based on when it was due. The report includes deposits, prepaid rent and other deposits. It will also include all invoices outstanding to date. Any blank or empty amounts in the Paid column are amounts that are outstanding or have not be entered as paid.

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