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Our Contingent Contract starts at a 50%-50% split. Become our avid Team Member, receive our team award, and a non negotiable 10% on all profit will be added to your Contingent Contract with Homes Across the Globe.

60-40 your way! Hurry and sign up!! Fill out the Contingent Form (NDNC) now and lets get you started.

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To team with H.A.G. contact us now. Or if you already have your own investing business established, fill out our Contingent Form at the bottom of the page. If to ever have a paper contract please send signed Contingent Contract to


The Heart of 



H.A.G. Director

"I've learned that anything is possible through H.A.G.!" 

~Josie L.~


H.A.G. Head of Sells & Acquisitions

"Been with H.AG. since 2016. After completing the Student Program I became the top Selling Investor. H.A.G. granted me head of sales to teach the methods the H.A.G. way. I have to admit, I never thought I could lead a team. H.A.G. gave me the tools of confidence I needed to do so. I owe my direction in life to the H.A.G. Family!"

~Martin J. R.~


H.A.G. Project Manager

"I became an H.A.G. Employee in 2017. After finishing the Student Investor Program, through dedication I was promoted to Project Manager. My job is to oversee and orchestrate all of H.A.G.'s New development of residential and commercial projects."

~Carla J.~ 

The Beat of 


Brittany Gore

Owner of Flip, H.A.G. Student Investor Instructor, RE Investor

"I've seen a few come and go. Dedication is key in all factors. The H.A.G. Student Investor Program has been proven to make those who are dedicated to become successful! Literally a step by step program anyone can follow."

~Brittany G.~

Recruiter A

H.A.G. Recruiter

"To Recruit is to create opportunity for others that they didn't know was possible! Something that H.A.G. taught me" 


Antwone Ricakrd

H.A.G. Owner & Founder

"Homes Across the Globe has been my life since the very day I decided we as in investors need a new and proven platform. That our seller clients should not have a problem selling their property. That our buying clients shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to buy their dream home. And to create a better way to learn how to invest successfully. My decision and vision was clear!"

~Antwone E. R.~

Contingent Contract Form

You will be redirected to fill out the Home Across the Globe's NDNC for a 50/50 split

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